Online Catalog: Stamping & Textured Finishing

Grand Ashler Slate

Being very versitile, Grand Ashler will add a sophisticated to touch to any project.




Royal Ashler

Similar to Grand Ashler, but carrying a style of it's own, Royal Ashler can also make for an elaborate and stylish look.




Extra Large Ashler

The Extra Large Ashler carries the same sophistication as the original, on a grander scale.




London Cobblestone

With an old-world feel, London Cobblestone turns any project into a classy one.




Circle Pattern London Cobblestone

Accompanied by many styles, this circular design looks nothing short of amazing.




2' x 2' LaHabra Slate

A modest size, the 2' x 2' LaHabra Slate stamping is simple and great for indoor and outdoor projects.




4' x 4' LaHabra Slate

The larger of the LaHabra stamping designs, it is often used for large indoor, and outdoor projects.




Monster Slate

Up to 5' x 5', this style is excellent for large outdoor areas, keeping them from looking too busy.




English Slate

English Slate is the larger version of London Cobblestone.




8" x 16" Herringbone

Looking similar to brick, the Herringbone stamping gives a classic look to your home.




Random Stone

Random Stone is one of the favorites. With the likeness of laid stone, it adds a texture like no other.




Old Brick Basketweave

Like the Herringbone stamping, the Old Brick Basketweave gives the feel of old English brick walks.




New Brick Herringbone

Smaller than the 8' x 16' Herringbone, the New Brick design also has a classic look and feel.




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